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To refinish, reface, or replace, how do you know which alternative is right for you....

Your Kitchen is the heart of your home. How your kitchen looks and functions is important to your family life. Cooking meals is only one part of the use for most kitchens. Your kitchen is the place where much of the family planning takes place, home work is done, bills are paid, and cherished memories are made. So it is important that your kitchen be functional, yet pleasant and inviting. If you love your home, but are not satisfied with your kitchen, perhaps what your kitchen needs is a little face lift.


Refinishing your cabinets is an economical way to give new life to warn and soiled cabinets. Even the most persnickety housekeepers have a hard time keeping up with cooking spatters that end up on your cabinets. We use special industrial cleaners that won't harm your cabinets, but remove the build up grease and food that sticks to your wood with everyday use. Once the cleaning is done it is time to attend to the finish. perhaps a new coat of stain to even out the existing finish may be needed before the clear finish is applied. A new coat of high durability urethane clear finish will then spruce up your cabinets finish. This option is for those cabinets with mostly minor problems and need some attention. It's quick and can be completed in only a day or two.


If your cabinets are in usable shape but seem dated, and if you would like to change color, style, and or some moderate changes, and modernizing, refacing is the way to go. When refacing we remove the existing doors, and drawer fronts. All face frames, sides and backs of the cabinets are cleaned and sanded to remove any materials that might prevent the new veneer from making good contact. once the cabinets are clean and sound, all face frames, sides, and backs are covered in high quality all wood veneer. New doors and drawer fronts are made to fit your cabinet openings. Then all new wood finishes are sealed with high quality urethane and sanded before the stain of your choice is applied. after staining we apply three coats of high durability urethane clear finish. Our special urethane finish is tough, resistant to abrasion, and chemical ware. Also our finish is stable under ultraviolet light so you never have to worry about yellowing.

With refacing you have a lot of flexibility. To some extent you can modify the layout without completely changing all your cabinets: Add new shelving, add new drawers, or pullout shelving, add a new peninsula or additional cabinets, all to match your look, faces, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts. You can even add new drawer boxes, modern drawer glides, and european hinges that close tight without latches or magnets.

Refacing can be completed within as little as a week with remarkable results.


When looking to change your kitchen layout, or wish to relocate major appliances, or add on to your kitchen, new cabinets are in order. New cabinets can be purchased factory made or custom built. Factory cabinets are economical, there are many sizes to choose from and can be adapted to almost any application. When buying factory made cabinets there is some limit, but most can be over come with a little customization. Custom cabinets are the most flexible and are usually built to outlast factory made cabinets. Custom Cabinets are designed to fit your kitchens design and can best consider your kitchens symmetry, layout, and utility. Utilizing unique design to fit your room you get more usable cabinet space, less divisions, and and more open areas for storage. Also custom designed cabinets can take advantage of corner spaces with lazy susans, pullout trays, bin drawers for pots and pans, utility shelves in pantries, etc... High quality finishes and custom colors are also a feature of custom built cabinetry. When considering new cabinets you'll probably be getting into some other areas of remodeling. Removing old cabinets will probably leave holes to be filled in the drywall. Relocating fixtures may require some electrical, plumbing, ducting, or even some structural repairs. Counter tops are usually a must  and don't forget the floors may not fit to the new layout. Not to be discouraged! A good contractor can get you through all of this and more. You can do it! It's just a good idea to be prepared and have all of your work planned out before you start to be sure the job goes along as smoothly and quickly as possible.

For a complete consultation of your project give us a call. We give free estimates, and are happy to help you with your ideas and design.

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